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A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of... er... A Very Bored Person

3 July 1991
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The username? It's a leftover from a really fangirly anime phase I went through. At the time, I thought it described me perfectly. Now I like to pretend it's satirical.

The nickname Taira is left over from then, too. In Japanese, it means smooth, calm, flat - but I just liked the sound of it. A lot of people call me that, but you could call me by my real name, which is Laney, or my even realer real name, which is Magdalena.

I'm a sixteen-year-old bisexual thespian. I play the piano. I don't follow sports except for baseball, and I don't follow baseball except for the Red Sox. I like to consider myself as quite tolerant - I'm pretty liberal, but if you want to friend me and you're a conservative, it's probably okay as long as you're intelligent enough to back up your stance with genuine, thought-out arguments. (The only issue I absolutely cannot agree to disagree about is gay rights.)

Two things I like to do: writing and acting. When I grow up I'd like to do both of them, which sounds very tricky I know because I would have no money ever, but I do know one or two people who have done it.

One thing I am: an American. Much as I would like to kid myself that I'll move somewhere else and get away from it all, I will probably always be an American. I love my country like I would love a little brother. Secretly I have quite a lot of affection for it, but it can get really messy and embarrassing and sometimes I have to pretend not to know it when we're in public.

Another thing I am: an Orthodox Christian. Obviously, I am a liberal Christian, who will not try and convert you if you don't want to be converted. But it does quite piss me off when people are blindly anti-Christian, or confuse Christianity with conservatism. Here's the thing. Jesus' main message was to love and forgive each other. Anyone who thinks they should hate someone for religious reasons needs to re-read the Bible. Also, discrimination against a majority is still discrimination. Don't do it.

I'm a complete music nerd. I like to consider myself fairly indie, but I have no problem with bands going mainstream as long as they don't get worse.

I know the first forty-five digits of pi and the first ten lines of the Odyssey in Greek (and the first three lines of the Iliad, if it comes to that). I really like chemistry.
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