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So! Many of you, my friends, are reaching the ends of your Nanowrimo novels. I am not one of your happy number, but I will be in a week. Therefore, I present to you:

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because seriously you guys, that gay rights thing is fucking annoying. (I mean - A Meme, Hooray!)

"Why is it that, as the internet subculture, we are more comfortable passing on catch-phrases and quiz results than synthesizing our own unique thoughts and ideas?" - Nobody, actually, I just made that up

I would like to know who really likes passing on memes on LiveJournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that, but if you don't repost this, everyone will know you hate baby Jesus and eat puppies. If you truly love memes and mindlessly parroting anything anyone else posts on their lj, then repost this and title the post as "A Meme, Hooray!" If you have a sense of irony or humor, you could probably post this too. If you are appropriately indifferent, that's cool, whatevs. Thanks.

(I should stress that I didn't write this, in case there are any misconceptions. I stole it, because I am a sheep. Yay!)
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what a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all 'round the sun

So we've got me, Beans, Jeff, JW, Yulia, Noelle, Kayla, Adena and Cedilla definitely coming to NYC tomorrow, and maybe Iggie, who's going to call us either way. Pretty sweet.

I'm excited in theory, but, eh. I'm going through major... I think it's probably coffee withdrawal. I'm just so fucking exhausted. I can't work up enthusiasm for anything.

Whatever, I have to go pack. I love you crazy kids and tell me if anyone else can come.
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So I've been reading the MsScribe Story for a few days now. I'm on chapter seven.

Jesus. Anyone who hasn't read it yet... well, I mean, you can say "msscribe had a ton of sockpuppets and used them to make friends", but that's such an oversimplification. This woman was like an evil genius. It's really fascinating, even if I don't understand most of the IP tracing stuff.

Charlotte Lennox is an unbelievable researcher and deserves so many kudos for pulling all this together and making it coherent. I know there's been a lot of wank about msscribe, and a lot of people have been asking, what's the big deal? Well, firstly, that one woman manipulated the inner workings of fandom so successfully - but mostly I think that Ms. Lennox's exposé is so smooth and well-written that it really catches people. You should read it for her absolutely phenomenal journalism skills more than anything else.
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I miss the old YSI.

Everyone loves free music, right? Right.

1. Gavin Friday and Cillian Murphy - "Sand"
"I am a stranger in your land, a wandering man..."
This is from the Breakfast on Pluto soundtrack - Kitten's duet with Billy Hatchet, if you are unable to successfully translate actor's names into characters. Gavin Friday has a truly delicious voice that I never was able to fully appreciate when I was concentrating on Cillian in drag, which is half of why I love this song. The other half is Cillian in drag. Alright, it's just his voice, but still. I have an unhealthy addiction to this song.

2. Broken Social Scene - "It's All Gonna Break"
"And I know that you fuck what you love / And you love what you fuck"
Broken Social Scene is so. Much. Love. It took me a really long time to get into them because they didn't grab me right away, and the way I fell in love with them was by putting my Library on Shuffle and listening to their songs one at a time. "It's All Gonna Break" was one of the first songs that really blew me away. Plus it will make you feel super-indie. Download it and listen on headphones so you don't miss anything.

3. Spacehog - "Adam and Steve"
"Kissing in the woods after dark is not the way that babies are received."
Britt uploaded this song to her journal as part of her "gay playlist" and now I share its awesomeness with you. It's really fun and peppy, plus who doesn't love twisting the Bible? Adam/Steve = OTP.

4. Radiohead - "Optimistic"
"You can try the best you can / The best you can is good enough"
If you don't have the album Kid A, you are not only missing out on some fantastic music, you are ignoring a huge cornerstone of rock culture and you should feel very ashamed. Listen to this one on headphones too.

5. Sonia y Selena - "Yo Quiero Bailar"
"Cuando llega el calor, los chicos se enamoran/ es la brisa y el sol..."
So I gave you Broken Social Scene for the indie cred and Radiohead for the cultural importance, and here's the other end of the spectrum. This is the one that you're gonna want to hide away and never admit to listening to. Bouncy Spanish pop, completely addictive and fabulous for dancing around to when no one else is home. Plus the Spanish is not hard, so those of you who know a little can understand it and feel all smart.

6. Placebo - "Plasticine"
"Beauty lies inside desire / And doesn't wayward heart redeem"
I hope a lot of you already have a ton of Placebo, but I'm just making sure. I was having an identity crisis earlier in the year, and this song really had a huge effect on the way it resolved itself. I've heard people say "Just be yourself" a thousand times, but it never really sunk in until I heard it put this way.

7. Bright Eyes - "Waste of Paint"
"You're blind, you see / No beauty could have come from me"
Pretty much the most emo song ever. If you're in that kind of mood, you can listen to it and go, "God, it's so true, why is life cruel?" If you're not, you can just listen and go, "Haha, emo."

8. RENT - "Take Me Or Leave Me"
"Just remember that I'm your baby."
Because Minty asked for something off the second disc of RENT, and it has Idina Menzel.

9. Paul McCartney - "A Fine Line"
"Everything is better when you come on the stage"
First off - I dare someone to use that lyric in a dirty Brian/Stefan Placebo slashfic. Anyway. I saw Paul perform this when I went to his concert and loved it instantly. Also, Minty, who is the hugest Beatles fan ever, has not heard it, so she needs to. (Why yes, this did start as the General Music Post and turn into the Minty Music Post, why do you ask?)

10. Paddy's Irish Clan - "Fuck the British Army"
"...And if I had a face like you, I'd join the British army."
I love the Breakfast on Pluto soundtrack so very, very much that I couldn't possibly only have one song from it. It was a hard choice, but I uploaded this one because it's like all Celtic music you've ever heard, but all rock and edgy. And they swear. Everyone knows profanity makes music good. Or something.
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Hope came home! (My 22-year-old sister, for those who don't know.)

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Man, all my "straight" friends just came out of their closets, and now I have no straight sisters left either.
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