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AKA: why the fuck didn't anyone tell me ahead of time so I could have done something cool?!

It's 1:55 AM. I must be the last person on my flist to post about the widespread zombie uprising. Or am I... the last one left alive?!

Is there much of a difference? With the zombies crowded outside the door to my basement-turned-makeshift-zombie-shelter, banging to be let in, when my laptop battery flickers out I will have no more human contact anyway. And my nonperishables will run out eventually. This is now a war of attrition.

So this will probably be my last message to the world. If anyone even reads it before the zombies take over everything.

I just want to say that I love you guys. Not you, zombies, if you're reading this. You're probably not. You're probably just eating my laptop. Well, guess what. It doesn't have any brains. Take that, zombie fuckers! Tricked you again.

I hope you choke on me and die.
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